[Linkset] Payment System, Payment Gateway and Credit Card Icons

https://github.com/muffinresearch/payment-icons SVG logos in flat, mono,outline and usual variants. Has Verve credit card logo

https://github.com/gilbarbara/logos most bigest collection of logos of popular brands, not only payments systems. SVG. See their demo site https://svgporn.com/

https://github.com/simple-icons/simple-icons collection which has icons for some cryptocurrencies. SVG

https://github.com/orlandotm/payment-webfont payment system logos as font. WOFF format

https://github.com/hiqdev/payment-icons list of payment logos in different dimensions but PNG only

https://github.com/diogomachado/payments-svg SVG and has CSS sprite

https://github.com/gregoiresgt/payment-icons SVG PNG with many variants

Flexible SVG credit card logo assets and CSS

https://github.com/codefoundries/material-ui-credit-card-icons Library with credit card icons for Material-UI

https://github.com/slaterjohn/payment-logos payment gateway and credit card logo icons. Available in 4 sizes. Has Bitcoin logo and Contactless Payment Logo

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