About me

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Hi and nice to meet You here 🙂
I’m an experienced developer specialized on Web using Java, Spring and Grails at the backend.

• 12+ years in Software Development, 8+ years in Java and Web development with Agile.
• Clean Code, OOP, SOLID, Architecture and Design Patterns, UML, Data structures & Algorithms.
• Web development using HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript frameworks.
• API design using REST, SOAP. Security vulnerabilities prevention, Secure Coding, OWASP, OAuth.
• Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Hibernate, JPA, Liquibase. Schema and SQL optimization.
• Understanding of JVM internals and performance optimizations. Benchmarking with JMH and JOL.
• Maven, Jenkins, TeamCity, SonarQube, Continuous Integration and Dependency hell solving.
• Other programming languages: Kotlin, Delphi, PHP, C, Lua, Node.js
• XP practices, Test-driven development (TDD). Functional testing with WebDriver and Geb.
• Experienced Linux user, Bash scripting, huge Docker containerization experience.
• English: Intermediate, spoken.
• Disciplined remote worker. My zone is UTC+2, can work full time with UTC-5 (NY) up to UTC+8 (HK)
• Analytical thinking, pragmatic development approach with a hands-on mentality.
• A team-player, but also can solve problems independently.
• Proactive and always trying to understand the requirements from a customer view.
• I am constantly learning and believe that we should help each other. I mentored a few Juniors and maintain IT Juniors group on LinkedIn. I volunteered on several IT conferences and organized a local IT community where I also made a few talks as a speaker.

Hourly rate starting from 25 USD.
Due to various reasons at the moment I can work only remotely.

My CV https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wDj6B8qqqmPdbS5XE8tEuOnovVuKhe-sP4DKBqz7N5M/edit

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